Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé

Cellar No. 254 Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé

/ 750ml

Vintage 2017 Releasing May 2018.

2016 Vintage: Louis M. Martini Cellar 254 Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé is crisp and refreshing, redolent of ripe strawberry, watermelon and raspberry. On the palate, flavors of juicy strawberry are complemented by accents of guava and passionfruit. Honey notes shine on the finish, which wraps up with a bit of sweetness. 

In the winery, our rosé fermented very slowly over two months at cold temperatures to preserve the bright fruit flavors and crisp mouthfeel. This wine was made using the saignée—or “bleeding the vats” —winemaking method, during which the juice has minimal contact with the skins to achieve the lovely blush hue. The short contact on the skins allows just enough color and flavor extraction, resulting in a beautiful pink color and a fruit-forward taste.