Aged, Full-Bodied Cabernet Franc

Monte Rosso Vineyard Cabernet Franc

/ 750ml
2014 Vintage
/ 750ml
2015 Vintage

With an average age of 25 years, our mature full-bodied Cabernet Franc vines bask in sunlight above the fog line, building concentrated fruit notes and layered, complex flavors during the long growing season. Brilliant ruby coloring and inviting aromas of raspberry, rose and brown spice are backed by rich flavors of dark chocolate, mineral and toast on the palate. Full bodied, this monumental wine wraps up with hints of game and pepper on a long finish. Drink now or hold for 4-8 years.

Our astute attention in the vineyard and the vines’ ideal growing conditions at the historic Monte Rosso Vineyard—on west-facing slopes, at optimal elevation, with the right amount of degree days for achieving ripeness, and incredible volcanic soils—enable us to bring terrific fruit to the winery for this special wine, which we only bottle when the grapes are just right. Grapes for this wine were harvested and sorted by hand, then gravity-fed into fermenters at the winery before aging in barrel. 

Winemaker notes:

The Cabernet Franc grapes were hand harvested and delivered to the winery in small bins. The grapes were sorted by hand, then destemmed and partially crushed before being gravity-fed into our 3.5- and 7-ton open-top tanks. Up to 14 days after primary fermentation, the wine was gravity racked into oak barrels for malolactic fermentation. The wine was aged 20 months in barrel, 75 percent of which was new French oak.

Viticulture notes:

Our Cabernet Franc vines are an average age of 25 years and sit on west-facing slopes in Monte Rosso's red volcanic soil. The 2014 growing season on Monte Rosso's mountaintop was another terrific one, with early bud break, little rain, steady warmth and long hang time. Consistently mellow temperatures throughout the spring and summer let grapes ripen fully and evenly, and an exceptionally long harvest gave us concentrated, well-structured fruit of exceptional quality and depth.