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 Michael Eddy became captivated by the process of transforming grapes into wine after brewing beer at home. “The complexity of wine has always deeply intrigued me,” he explains. “The idea of navigating all of the steps it takes to bring out different flavors in a wine is fascinating.”

As Director of Winemaking at Louis M. Martini Winery, Michael leads a dedicated and highly skilled team for one of Napa Valley’s landmark producers. Michael grew up in Southern California and earned his bachelor’s degree in Biology from Humboldt State University. He later pursued a master’s degree in Food Science, specializing in oenology, at the University of California at Davis. Prior to joining Martini, Michael’s background in winemaking included positions at Trefethen Family Vineyards, Beaulieu Vineyard and Rodney Strong Vineyards. Michael began his journey with Martini in 2005, focusing exclusively on Cabernet Sauvignon. He would spend more than a decade honing his skills under the tutelage of Michael Martini, grandson of founder Louis M. Martini.

Michael has flourished as a Cabernet Sauvignon craftsman. In his tenure, Martini wines have been consistently praised by some of the world’s most recognized critics. He attributes the winery’s success to the Martini family’s profound understanding of the variety. “There is so much to consider when crafting Cabernet Sauvignon. Mike Martini taught me, among many other things, that power is just one component to great Cabernet — the wine should also deliver elegance, grace and finesse.”

Michael continues to find Martini an exciting place to make wine, thanks to the tremendous resources available and decades of innovation to draw upon. “Winemaking is about choosing the right materials and using innovative techniques to achieve your vision, and Martini affords an incredible array of resources and a broad range of tools,” he says. Martini’s estate vineyards, like the historic Monte Rosso Vineyard in the Mayacamas Mountains, are especially inspiring to him. “It’s not every day that you get to work with grapevines that are over a century old. Martini has been making wine from this vineyard for generations and it’s a privilege to take part in that legacy.”

While the hands-on craft of making wine is a life-long passion for Michael, he finds the collaborative process of winemaking equally rewarding. “We have an incredible family here at the winery. Every single person on our vineyard and production team shares the common goal to make wine worthy of its label. We bring that passion to work every day, and are honored to continue the Martini legacy of crafting world-class Cabernet Sauvignon.”

Read more about Michael Eddy and get the insider look at what's happening in the vineyards, at our restored Napa Valley Winery. 

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