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Louis M. Martini Winery and the Riedel Wine Glass Company united to create this one-of-a-kind crystal wineglass that perfectly showcases the winery’s internationally-acclaimed Cabernet Sauvignon. Designed through a series of analytical tastings and crafted by Riedel master glassmakers in Austria, this graceful, polished crystal stemware displays the full range, depth and complexity of Louis M. Martini’s Cabernet Sauvignon collection. All glasses will be shipped separately from wines purchased to ensure safe passage. GLASS PROFILE The Exclusive Louis M. Martini Riedel Cabernet Sauvignon Glass ideally exhibits the Cabernet Sauvignon portfolio’s full range and depth. It is crafted from fine crystal for perfect clarity, with a laser-cut, polished rim to optimally direct the flow of wine. The bowl shape is a bit longer than conventional Bordeaux-style glasses, resulting in increased concentration of aromas and a slightly narrow opening, directing the wine to a unique point on the palate for a more powerful finish. GLASS SELECTION Master glassmaker Georg Riedel and winemaker Michael Eddy led a team of wine professionals through a series of analytical tastings in a sensory workshop at the historic Louis M. Martini Winery in Saint Helena, California. With a commitment to showcasing the nuances of Louis M. Martini Cabernet Sauvignon, the group tasted through numerous flights, each time narrowing the glass choices based on their critical analysis. The result was a glass found to best display the full range and complexity of Martini’s Cabernet Sauvignon collection. Riedel glassmakers in Austria have crafted this exquisite stemware. It is a reflection of generations of expertise and the enduring legacy of Louis M. Martini’s Cabernet Sauvignon.
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