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 Louis M. Martini Winery is a cornerstone of Napa Valley, offering an internationally acclaimed portfolio of Cabernet Sauvignon. Since 1933, the Martini family has played an integral role in establishing Napa Valley as one of the world’s premier wine regions, with each successive generation helping to set new standards in the vineyard and cellar. Today, our newly restored winery features an array of world-class tasting experiences, reflecting an enduring commitment to Cabernet Sauvignon crafted in Napa Valley.

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Louis M. Martini established his Napa Valley winery in 1933, shortly after the repeal of Prohibition. But our begins story begins long before that, in another country, in another century.

Founders Circle
Estate Tasting

At Louis M. Martini, we believe that wine is about more than what’s in the glass – where you are and who you’re with are always part of the enjoyment. Learn more about the dedicated team that’s making our restored winery a Napa Valley destination.


Every wine’s journey begins in the vineyard. At Louis M. Martini we farm some of the most coveted blocks in California and source from the most iconic vineyards in the region.

Arbor Picnic Basket Tasting

Discover the historic restoration of Louis M. Martini Winery, one of the first in the region to open after the repeal of Prohibition. Offering an array of extraordinary new experiences, our restored winery reflects our commitment to making world-class Cabernet Sauvignon in the iconic Napa Valley.