Man holding out a glass of white wine.


At Louis M. Martini, we believe that wine is about more than what’s in the glass – where you are and who you’re with are always part of the enjoyment. Learn more about the dedicated team that’s making our restored winery a Napa Valley destination.

Executive Chef Aaron Meneghelli cutting vegetables.


Chef Aaron Meneghelli was introduced to the importance of delicious, well-made dishes through his close-knit Italian family. “My grandparents were natural entertainers,” he says. “Everything we would do was centered around a meal. The community that happens around a table, that’s what started to drive my passion for food. It isn’t just about being able to cook something, it is focusing on the entire experience someone will have at my table.”


Headshot of Senior Winemaker, Mark Williams.


Growing up, Mark Williams spent his summers helping his father, a University of California at Davis viticulture professor, harvest table grapes for research. So, it came as no surprise when Mark decided to major in food science and enology at California State University, Fresno. “It’s an honor to be a part the dedicated team at one of Napa Valley’s landmark producers,” said Mark. “Together, we share the commitment to continue the winery’s nearly 90-year legacy of superior craftsmanship in the cellar.”


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