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 At Louis M. Martini, we believe that wine is about more than what’s in the glass – where you are and who you’re with are always part of the enjoyment. Learn more about the dedicated team that’s making our restored winery a Napa Valley destination.

Estate Tasting

 Having spent more than a decade under the mentorship of Michael Martini, winemaker Michael Eddy possesses the experience and expertise of a master Cabernet-craftsman in the iconic Napa Valley. Michael continues our winery’s legacy as the fourth winemaker in Martini history, leading a highly skilled and wholly dedicated team that consistently produces wines praised by the world’s most recognized critics.


Chef Aaron Meneghelli was introduced to the importance of delicious, well-made dishes through his close-knit Italian family. "My grandparents were natural entertainers," he says. "Everything we would do was centered around a meal. The community that happens around a table, that's what started to drive my passion for food. It isn't just about being able to cook something, it is focusing on the entire experience someone will have at my table."

Chef Aaron