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Louis M. Martini crown logo on a napkin.

Our Most Exclusive Wine and Food Experience

Our impeccably restored Underground Cellar is home to the most immersive and highly acclaimed wine and food experience we have to offer.

This intimate tasting, led by one of our knowledgeable wine educators, offers a one of a kind, luxury, Napa Valley experience.

As you descend below ground you’ll enter a beautifully adorned 85-year-old barrel cellar that pays tribute to the Martini family’s old-world heritage. You will experience Martini like never before, as we share the story of the Louis M. Martini family while in this historic setting.

Following the deep dive into the Louis M. Martini family, property and vineyards, you will be seated to experience a meticulously crafted four-course tasting menu of culinary delights prepared by executive chef Aaron Meneghelli, paired with our small production wines, including the pinnacle of our portfolio, Lot No. 1 Cabernet Sauvignon.

Chef Aaron Meneghelli on the Underground Cellar Experience

I was amazed to find so many parallels between my family history and that of the Martini family. Just a short train ride in northern Italy connected our families, and the traditions continued as both traveled by boat, to eventually land in the bay area. A desire to establish a new home in a new country solidified the importance of family and traditions. I believe food and wine to be one of the greatest ways to elevate tradition and this allows us to invite you into a special experience that will excite the senses and challenge the palate. The community that forms around the table in the underground cellar will convey the impact that the Martini family has had on the history of the valley and an understanding of how that influences our winemaking today. Our food pairings will show a touch of the old world while being met with a focus on seasonal and local ingredients that strive to show the versatility of our wines.

Chef Aaron Meneghelli looking ahead.

Chef Aaron Meneghelli setting a dish down.

Chef Aaron Meneghelli cutting cheese next to a Louis M. Martini wine bottle.

$325 per person – $250 per person for Wine Club Members Charged Upon Arrival

Please allow up to 3 hours for this experience.

We offer our upper tier wine club members this tasting as part of their membership benefits.
To see details and explore the other privileges enjoyed by our club members visit our Membership page.

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